WRATH OF THE LICH KING Bestiary Revealed

World of Warcraft has just reached 10 million active subscribers, and it holds arguably the world’s most played game. So with the Wrath of the Lich King coming soon-- the second expansion to the hit game--so do the teasers and previews and...oh so much more!
The Wrath of the Lich King site continues to update its screenshots, artwork, and info-banks. The latest for the latter is the WotLK Bestiary. Only two new denizens from the land of Northrend are currently available – Nerubian Vizier and the Plague Eruptor – but there are eight more shaded ready to be revealed. This is definitely a site you want to keep coming back too!

The website has content on new lands you’ll be visiting, a new dungeon – Utgarde Keep, which is billed as a new 5-man instance; it’ll probably be the first new instance we all enter, as it is level-ranged for 70-72.

There is a veritable treasure trove of information for the WoW-addict, and for those who are just playing for casual fun. So make sure to check it out, and keep checking back to see the updates that arrive. Or, just stay tuned to Earth’s Mightiest, I’ll keep you informed!

See link below for Bestiary, and links to all the other goodies.
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