WORLD OF WARCRAFT News: Lunar Festival and Alterac Valley

Fans of World of Warcraft will rejoice with the soon to be released patch 2.4 providing a long awaited fix to Alterac Valley.

Thankfully, with patch 2.4 soon to be making its way to us, Bornakk – one of the WoW Moderators – provided some information regarding Alterac Valley on the forums.

The first change will be to move the Horde's starting tunnel back to a more equal distance from the first objectives, which will help evenly distance the starting points for each side across the terrain when the battle commences.

In addition, the General and Warmasters for each faction will receive a stacking buff from each other that boosts their health and damage. The more of them that are still in the battleground, the more dangerous they will all be. This will put a greater focus on destroying (and defending!) the towers that remove the Warmasters as players work toward defeating the appropriate General and conquering the land.

Also Balinda Stonehearth has been studying her spellbooks to become a more challenging opponent to the Horde and will do more damage with her spells. The additional health we recently added to Balinda and General Vanndar Stormpike will no longer be needed with these improvements and will be changed back to their previous amounts with the patch.

Secondly, and shortly, for those who haven’t noticed, the Lunar Festival is currently being held across Azeroth. This is a chance to honor your elders, share magnificent feasts, and dress up in some specially tailored clothing for the occasion. If you are in Stormwind, head on over to The Park (not sure about anywhere else).

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