LEGO BATMAN Offers Villain Game Play

In the upcoming LEGO Batman: The Video Game, you'll be able to play things from the villain's point of view.
Multiplayer, an MTV blog recently spoke with LEGO Batman: The Video Game producer Loz Doyle at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and uncovered some interesting gameplay points.

The game is broken up into 18 levels, with three different story arcs (six levels per story arc) featuring the standard two-player, drop-in/out cooperative play (online co-op play is available for the Xbox 360 and PS3). The stories were penned by Traveller’s Tales, with approval from Warner Bros. and DC Comics after they were written. “It seemed only natural that the over-arching story was a big breakout from Arkham Asylum,” Doyle said. “Once they broke out from Arkham Asylum, they break off into three groups, which enables us to have three stories that aren’t linked to each other.”

The game will also offer Hero and Villain story modes along with freeplay. The team is working on incorporating the Wii remote to suit the batarang, and the DS version was described by Doyle; “It’s not a port, it’s completely done separately. It’s done at Traveller’s Tales by the same team that did the ‘Saga’ DS version, and they’re a really, really good team. It’s kind of the same but different, and there’s a lot of touch screen in there.”

For full details read the Multiplayer blog right HERE!

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