Fight THE CLONE WARS On Wii And Nintendo DS

In conjunction with this fall's new animated Star Wars TV series, LucasArts is releasing two new lightsaber battle games in the Clone Wars style.
The Clone Wars are spreading onto the Wii and Nintendo DS later this year.

Chronicling the wartime adventures of Anakins Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and others during the period between Episodes II and III, Star Wars: The Clone Wars combines the cinematic qualities of the Star Wars movies with state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery from Lucasfilm Animation. A big-screen feature debuts August 15 and leads into this fall's TV series.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels, in development by Krome Studios exclusively for the Wii game system, delivers lightsaber battles while immersing players in the characters, locations, and epic duels from the new film.

Built from the ground-up for the Wii, Lightsaber Duels obviously will include extra features thanks to the amazing control system of the Wii. As the name describes, it will include some lightsaber dueling with the intuitive Wii-remote motion controls. You'll be able to participate in the most memorable duels from the animated movie and TV series, while taking control of several different characters each with their own fighting skills and unique abilities.

"The promise of a Wii lightsaber game has hung in the air since the Wii hit the shelves," said producer Ken Fox. "We think this is the game that delivers on that promise."

While it's not one-to-one control, Fox promised that your general movement will be mimicked on screen, providing the best Wii lightsaber experience yet.

"We've tried to make the lightsaber control as intuitive and fun as possible. It's not a lightsaber simulator, but when you swing your Wii remote left to right; your character does the same. You use the thumbstick on the nunchuck to move your character and swing the Wii remote to swing your lightsaber."

More traditionally, the Nunchuck analog stick will move your avatar, while button presses will instruct your character to use the force, block and dodge.

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Jedi Alliance, a story-driven action adventure game developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS by the LucasArts Singapore team, players choose two Jedi from a line-up of six. One character will be fully controlled by the player, the other by AI. The pair will embark on a series of missions involving droids, lightsaber-wielding enemies and mini-games. The characters have unique abilities too, and can be paired in different combinations to unlock new areas.

This game is said to be miles better than the 2006’s Star Wars: Lethal Alliance.

Singapore project lead Feargus Carroll said, "Working on The Clone Wars chapter of the Star Wars Saga has been an exciting endeavor for everyone here at LucasArts."

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