Batman Begins' Bale Finds New Suit Ill Fit

Christian Bale, star of the upcoming Batman Begins, tore into his new batsuit. Literally. proclaims: "Costume disaster for Batman star". But is it really?
They write:

"According to he suffered costume problems on this first day on the set in the fictitious Gotham City.

A set insider explains: "The trouble is the suit is so tight, it takes three people to squeeze Christian into it. He ripped one suit then finally managed to get into another with the help of more than a few squirts of talcum powder."

Anyone whose seen his work in Reign of Fire or American Psycho knows Bale is in near-perfect physical condition. In fact, he actually lost some weight to play the role of Trevor Reznik, an insomniac who hasn't slept for over a year, in his latest film The Machinist. Maybe Lindy Hemming's crew needs to loosen up the costume a bit. After all, we (the audience) got plenty of tight, close-up shots of Batman, Robin and Batgirl's butt, crotch and breasts and, well, we weren't impressed.

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