Report: Fantastic Four Gets Barbershop Director, Casting Begun

The Fantastic Four movie will be helmed by Barbershop director Tim Story and casting has begun, according to reports.

Watch for Barbershop director Tim Story to get the nod from 20th Century Fox and Marvel to helm the Fantastic Four movie, according to Latino Review.

Filming is expected to start in August and reportedly Michael Chilkis (The Shield) is in line to play Ben Grimm, the Thing. Oscar-winner Tim Robbins is reportedly in talks to play Dr. Doom.

Meanwhile, scripter Michael France talked with about penning the FF, Hulk and Punisher movies.

Here’s a sample: “Even though those three projects - Hulk, Punisher, and Fantastic Four - are all Marvel comic book properties, each one of them is very different in terms of the tone and the world you have to set up,” France said. “My Hulk drafts had a serious science fiction/horror tone - Fantastic Four was just straight fun - and my Punisher drafts presented the very dark world of a crime movie. In my drafts of Hulk, I wanted to build up a world that was almost more like a horror movie than a comic book.”
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