"Hulk 2" Getting Frustrated

Ok so you can get sequels out of the likes of "X-Men" and "Spider-Man", but the highly talked about sequels to other Marvel properties seem to be struggling. First "Daredevil 2" and the "Elektra" spin-off don't seem to be big on the development agenda, no
"Thought you might want some info on a big reshuffle and impasse over at Universal. There's a sequel to "Hulk" happening - it just mightn't be at Universal or with the same people. You might have already heard something about this but I'll shed further light.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd wants a sequel to "The Hulk". The studio doesn't. Eric Bana doesn't. [And you can count Jennifer Connelly out too. She signed a one-picture deal first time around]. And now, it looks like there's going to be problems with everyone involved in merchandising too [the Vivendi arm], because another studio might get it - and they have their own subs.

In short, The film was a major dissapointment. The budget of the first film was near $137 million and the marketing costs were nearly a quarter of that. The end result? apparently somewhere near the $132 million region. In otherwords, a loss. Many involved blame it on the other films on release that week, whilst other said it was merely due to the wrong tactics being used in marketing it (it was more a psychological drama not a superhero film, blah, blah). Screenwriter Jim Schamus was informed his services wouldnt be required this time [finger pointing by the sounds]

Marvel are apparently in pretty heated talks about the sequel to Universal. The studio is understadably nervous about doing another Hulk movie (At one stage apparently, there was talk of a string of games, a new animated series, new tv drama series...but all the ideas got canned once the film flopped) Universal has first refusal on the sequel, and it actually is being written. It's in early draft stage. What will probably happen I was told was that Uni will probably end up taking the film on - but with something like a $80 million dollar budget and a less expensive cast [If they don't want it, look for Sony to get first offer]. Which is just as well, because....

Eric Bana is playing hardball. Despite the fact The Hulk was his first movie role, big one anyway, he's apparently had much better offers since. The deal is Guy Ritchie has been talking to him about a role in a film called Six Shooters or something, and he wants out of Hulk 2 to do that and another project. He's trying everything to see he can't get out of that sequel clause. Most of the folks on the first film arent requied to come back for the second one, which is just as well for them, by the sounds.

One rumor the guys at Vivendi have heard is that they're going to look at casting one of the original contenders for the role. People like Buscemi and Goldblum tested, and even David Duchovny, and that's the name they keep hearing. So don't be surprised if Bana leaves and Duchovny replaces him for the next couple of sequels. [it happened for batman after all]".

Thanks again to 'Nick Nolte's Shampoo'.
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