Jigsaw Completes Punisher 2 Villain Puzzle

Thomas Jane confirms the villain for Punisher 2, but don't bet on a sequel just yet.
Thomas Jane confirmed to USA TODAY that Jigsaw will be the villain in the next Punisher movie. However, any proposed sequel will depend heavily on how well the current film plays out at the box office. Let me tell you, the advance reviews from critics and Punisher fans who've previewed the film should worry Marvel and studio executives. Some screeners have actually mentioned that the first Punisher film, an even lower-budget film starring Dolph Lundgren and one that was essentially a straight-to-video endeavour, is the better film.

With bad word-of-mouth, an R rating, and John Travolta co-starring, this film is going to have an uphill battle on its hands come Friday, April 16th 2004. The studio seems to be aware of the problem, as none of the commericals have mentioned Travolta by name.

Jane is signed for two further sequels.
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