John Jameson Actor Talks Spider-Man 2, 3

He’s the son of a successful media mogul. He’s an astronaut. And he’s got his eyes on Mary Jane Watson. What’s next for John Jameson, the Spider-Man 2 character played by Daniel Gillies?
Aussie actor Daniel Gillies says he’s already signed up to play John Jameson, astronaut/son of J. Jonah, in Spider-Man 3.

"Mate, you know I am [excited], but I made it like a year ago now," he told Moviehole. "I guess I should be jumping out my skin, but that'll probably come on June 30, or July 1, when it's released there in Australia.

"The film looks beautiful, bloody beautiful. I did some ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) for a couple of scenes on it yesterday, and it looks fantastic," he said.

Also, "I had to agree to come back for the third one. No big secret that there's going to be a third one, it was recently announced publicly, and yep, I'm back. And after all, movies seem to be all about trilogies these days don't they?"
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