Jennifer Garner Gives Elektra Hints

Hottie Jennifer Garner says principal photography for her Daredevil spin-off film, Elektra, starts next month.
Jennifer Garner explained to Sci Fi Wire what the Elektra movie’s relationship to Daredevil was: "It's not a prequel. It's a sequel to her story in Daredevil, and I've been training for the past couple of months. I trained after the [13 Going on 30 press] junket last night and got up this morning and will go again tonight. And I'm loving it."

Principal photography begins next month, she said.

Comic fans will find much familiar about the film’s storyline. "I think she has such a rich storyline of her own, and we're really mining that in this movie," she said. "A lot of the Frank Miller stuff for Elektra, [we're] really using it. Her story is quite dark. She's an assassin for hire, and she's a woman for hire, although we don't go there in this movie."
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