Spider-Man Movie Pepper Promos

Superhero Hype! has an exclusive first look at the upcoming Dr Pepper Spider-Man 2 promotion. Click the link to get a look at the can art.
Huge fan of your site and wanted to send you some inside info I got from a friend of mine about a small movie coming out this summer...maybe you've heard of it....SPIDER-MAN 2. Apparently, Dr Pepper has a very cool tie-in promotion with Spider-Man 2 and I'm attaching a picture of the Dr Pepper can and a picture of the Dr Pepper bottle.

Here's what he writes: "Dr Pepper is giving away 10 Dodge Vipers. You either look for the talking can which will tell you that you won or peek through Spiderman's Eye on special packaging to see if you won. They are also giving away CD's, bikes, DVD's, Burger King prizes and a ton of other stuff. There are collectible cans with different Spiderman 2 visuals and Doc Ock on them. This promotion starts May 15th and ends sometime in September."
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