New J. Jonah Talk, Wallpaper from Spider-Man 2

Get a new wallpaper of promo art from Spider-Man 2 and read on to see what actor J.K. Simmons had to say about returning as J. Jonah Jameson.
Actor J.K. Simmons (who plays Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson) talked about the Spider-Man 2 sequel with Alabama’s 107.7 radio station.

According to a Superhero Hype source, Simmons relayed how "Sam and Tobey were really funny on set together. That their relationship was as if they had known each other all their life and he goes into detail about he is always firing and rehiring Peter in the movie."

He added that "the sequel is better than the first film, although we had no idea what a monster the first one would become. The plot is more exciting and the stakes are raised to a much larger scale."

Plus, there’s a new wallpaper available at Superhero Hype.
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