1st Look at Bale in the Batman Suit

Christian Bale premieres in the Batman suit in this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

Check out Christian Bale in the cape and cowl in a shadowy shot from the upcoming Batman movie.

Director Christopher Nolan modeled the suit on Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli's Batman: Year One rather than any previous version from other movies, EW says.

Meanwhile, filming at Mill Hill in the U.K. involved a mock Arkham Asylum front gate with floodlights and black Gotham City SWAT vans, according to The Hendon & Finchley Times.

"It's very exciting it's an asylum. There is lots of rubber stuff and these big drums," one film worker told the paper.

Set shots can be found here.

Also, at the Carridington Hangers near Bedford a monorail is being built as well as statues and a spire (no doubt reflecting Gotham City’s bleak cityscape), according to the Bedford Times and Citizen newspaper.
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