Blade 3 Early Viewings Very O-Positive

If early indications hold true, Blade: Trinity will be a fine addition to the vampire slaying hero’s franchise and start a new one nicely.
Warning: Spoilers

Early reviewers of Blade: Trinity are giving it very positive marks. One viewer told Superhero Hype: “The ensemble cast worked extremely well, with a nice balance between Abigail, Hannibal King, and Blade. While I fully anticipated Abigail to be a generic, midriff-bearing beacon to attract the teen male demographic, the role was played with surprising depth by [Jessica] Biel.” Her character, Abigail Whistler, keeps a Playbook for their vampire hunting excursions.

Also Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King “may actually be funnier in this action/horror hybrid than he was in Van Wilder, a 'pure' comedy,” the reviewer said. Writer/director David Goyer wants King to be the ultra-serious Blade’s foil. Biel and Reynold’s characters are reportedly being positioned for a Nightstalkers spin-off.

Another character, vampiress villain Parker Posey “does a good evil job, for the medium small part she plays,” according to another reviewer. “Wesley Snipes does a better job than he did in Blade 2, and it is much better for it.”

“This film is way more violent, with some awesome stunts and has a very gritty almost noir sensibility to it, fused with hip-hop culture that permeated the second one and the first one. Very slick film, and I can't wait to see the finished product,” the reviewer said. Both reviewers say the ending needs to be tweaked.
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