New Spider-Man 2 Posters, Pics & Wallpapers

Get your mouse ready to click. There’s plenty of new graphics from this summer’s highly anticipated Spider-Man 2 online.

New pics of characters from Spider-Man 2 can be found at the official Web site.

Meanwhile, hottie Kirsten Dunst (Mary Jane Watson) is featured in May 18 Dreamwatch magazine, talking about the sequel.

And, Best Buy is playing the second Spider-Man 2 trailer on its home theater displays in some stores.

Plus, high res images of four new promotion posters can be found here.

And, Activision’s Spider-Man 2 game, based on the sequel, will come out June 29, one day before the movie. You can learn more about it here.

Embassy Suites Hotels is offering kids a Spider-Man 2 Web Pack including a reusable Spider-Man non-flash camera with film; a six-inch Spider-Man plush toy with suction cups; Toss and Catch Game including two Velcro paddles with three plush bean bags; a Spider-Man Treasure Keeper with a caribeener attached to a rubber coin holder that contains Spider-Man stickers; and a puzzle picture cube featuring six different Spider-Man images. All of the superhero fun comes in a custom-designed Messenger Bag with webbed lining.”

And, finally new desktops from the film can be found here. Whew!
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