Man-Thing Gets R-Rating, Scribe Speaks

Whatever knows fear, burns at the Man-Thing’s touch. I guess that’s why the film will have an R-rating…
Screenwriter Hans Rodionoff is talking about his Man-Thing movie as well his adaptation of Werewolf by Night for the big screen.

Regarding Man-Thing, "well, it's a horror film, so I don't want to give too much away prematurely because I feel like that will ruin it. The basic idea is... cue the ominous music... Deep in the dark, brackish waters of the Louisiana swamp, something has been awakened. Something terrible," he told Comic Book Resources. Rodionoff added that, unlike other Marvel movies, Man-Thing isn’t really an origin story.

You can read the full interview at Comic Book Resources.

Meanwhile, Lions Gate has received an R-rating for the Brett Leonard-directed film for violence, grisly images, language and some sexuality. It’s due in theaters later this year.
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