INTERVIEW: Larry Holden of Batman Begins

Holden puts the rumors to rest in this interview on
Can you give any comment on your involvement in Batman Begins?

Well, all I can say is that yes, I have read the script, yes, I have flown to London several times to talk with Chris about things, and yes, I will probably be going back there very very soon to discuss things further... But I have not been cast in the film, and all the talk on the internet about the script or what have you is way off base. I mean, this is a huge movie, with a lot at stake, so these guys made sure to think out every possible scenario when it came to potential script leaks, etcetera, and they came up with a fool proof plan - one that no other film has gone to the trouble or expense to work out in advance. And, because of that, they have the world eating out of their hands right now. I mean, they haven't allowed anybody to spoil anything for their audience, which seems to consist of millions of folks who really really care about "Batman" and this film. And I mean that. You shouldn't believe what you read, and I don't care which so-called "Batman" expert has said what or will say what. They are dead wrong about ninety nine percent of it all. And that goes for casting, the script, the car, the suit... whatever. And I know, because, like I said, I've spent a lot of time on that set recently, hanging out, and, since I'm still considering climbing onboard, I have been trying to learn as much as I can about "Batman" from a variety of sources outside of the production, particularly the internet. And not once during this whole time have I read something that was spot on, that was fully accurate. But, anyway... No... sorry, but I can't really say anything more than that... Okay, and this: Right now, I am not a part of the film. Well, I should add this, too, because it drives my point home about all the misleading info that's presently being circulated and then regurgitated... I have never been considered for any of the roles the "experts" have bantered about. Not a single one, whether the role is or isn't in the real script. Matter of fact, most of the roles that do exist in the real script have already been secretly cast with actors that a good many of fans have been rooting for. That's all I can say. But, man oh man, is IMDB way off the mark with a lot of it. And the trades, too. There is going to be a lot of eggs cracking on faces when the truth comes out. I mean, for example, an old friend called a week or so ago and said I was listed there as playing some guy named "Fisk" or whatever... and I laughed and said, "That's funny, there's no such character in the film. But hey, if the want to give me credit for it and pay me for not appearing in the film as a character that doesn't even exist... fine by me. I could use the bread to help shoot my next film..." Which, I am in the middle of prepping for, so I better get going, okay? Hope I gave you everything you wanted. If not, just get back in touch. Or people can get in touch with me directly through the Holden Automotive web site ( All the best, Larry Holden.
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