Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack Preview, Official Site Update & Spidey 3 Plot Rumors

You can listen to samples from the upcoming movie soundtrack for Spider-Man 2, get a look at some new bus-side banners and read a possible spoiler for Spider-Man 3.
Warning: Spoilers

Audio previews of nearly all of the tracks from the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack are now available online here. Pre-ordering also gets you a free poster.

Meanwhile, the official movie Web site has posted two new banners from buses in major metro areas.

Also, rumors have surfaced about who the third movie might center on based on info from the Spider-Man 2 graphic novel already in stores. "Before Peter Parker and Mary Jane finish up there story, we get a scene with Harry going mental in his father’s office with the Peter Parker/Spiderman problem," wrote a Dark Horizons scooper. "He ends up tossing a brandy glass into the same mirror Norman was looking into in the first movie, shatters it, and finds his fathers goblin outfit, the glider, and some weaponry. He also hears his fathers voice speak to him in his head, telling to get revenge for his death. I believe the seen ends with Harry picking up the mask and starting too laugh ‘an all too familiar laugh.’ Thus with this setup, even if they go ahead with the John Jameson/Venon story, chances are you will see Harry Osborne donning the suit, becoming either the Green or Hobgoblin in the third movie," the source wrote.
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