Smallville’s Welling to Be Movie Superman?

Will Tom Welling graduate from Smallville to play the Man of Steel on the big screen as well?
Warning: Spoilers

It appears that Tom Welling, star of the WB’s hit Smallville series, may make the move to Metropolis to play Superman in the much-delayed big screen revival of the Man of Tomorrow.

XTV World reports that Welling has "been signed" to take the lead in the troubled project. The site quotes Smallville exec producer Al Gough adding: "In order to get a whole new generation of Superman fans, we need to get someone people recognize. Tom can really bring in a new generation of fans. Once Smallville has finished, which will be at the end of it's fifth season, it's pretty much a big move onto the silver screen," Gough said.

Smallville just wrapped up its third season with a cliffhanger of Clark joining his Kryptonian father Jor-El in the cave wall. That means the movie isn’t being planned to debut until at least 2008.

Gough also offered hints about the show's fourth season: "We've got two more years left, so what you'll be seeing is some big advancement within the characters. Lex [Luthor, for example, will be continuing his journey toward the dark side. Clark will be learning more about his heritage from Jor-El, and he'll also be getting a great new power. I won't say it isn't flight, but then again, I won't say it is."
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