Katie and Cillian’s Batman Begins Coffee Chat

New pics of Katie Holmes on the Batman Begins’ set are on the Web as are some brief comments from Scarecrow Cillian Murphy.
Cillian Murphy (Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow) in the upcoming Batman Begins film says of his casting: "I like to mix it up a bit. Batman Begins is my first experience in a full-on blockbuster," he told Entertainment Guide in Australia. "My interests don't generally lie in those sorts of films, but the director is Chris Nolan, the script is wonderful and it's a great cast.

"I can have a bit of fun with it, too, because my only motivation really is being bad. I love doing proper dramatic character studies, but it's also good to have a but of fun, dress up and stuff," Murphy said, according to Movie Hole.

Meanwhile, hottie Katie Holmes who plays love interest Rachel Dodson was caught on camera while shooting the film. Eight pics of her slurping coffee between takes can be found at the Katie Holmes Pictures Web site.
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