Halle Berry Describes Catwoman Plot

Hottie Halle lays it all out for fans of her upcoming Catwoman movie.
Warning: Spoilers

Halle Berry recently laid out the plot of her upcoming Catwoman movie for Cinemax TV.

Here’s how she describes the action: "I play Catwoman, and the plot of the story is...I'm a young art director for a cosmetics company. Early on in the movie, I find out that there's a corrupt element to this company. She then takes it upon herself to try to foil the crime, but in the process of foiling that crime, she is in fact killed and is reborn with very cat-like qualities.

"The most fun for me was everyday when I got to put on that suit and prance around and live in my alter ego state," she said. "To feel that level of sexuality...feel that level of power. I got to play a lot of jokes on people and do insane things that were naughty, and I really shouldn't say, but I took advantage of it!"

She added that "I did a lot of my own stunts, which was a surprise to me. I thought, 'This is too hard, I'll never be able to do this.', but actually I did a good bit of them." Berry then described a scene as the program showed a preview: "This is a scene...I think it's one of the first fight sequences that Catwoman has. She is on the prowl in a nightclub, and she's about to get her little claws on what she thinks is the bad guy. She sort of pushed him out into this alley way and just does a number on the poor guy!"
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