New Spider-Man 2 Ad, Promo Details

There’s a new Spider-Man 2 ad showing on MTV and more promotion of the sequel at the New York Licensing show.
Warning: Spoilers

Check out MTV for a new Spider-Man 2 commercial that’s a little longer than a minute, according to Superhero Hype. "The background music is the new Dashboard song. The new scenes included is Spider-Man free falling (extended from the NBA Spot), Spider-Man jumping off a roof and free falling to save Aunt May, a scene where he swings on the number 56 (the ware house), a few new clips of Spider-Man fighting Ock and a new Peter clip," according to a source for the site.

Also, Entertainment Tonight is doing a behind-the-scenes look at the film tonight.

And, another spot on TV highlights the train battle: "Both Spidey and Ock exchange brief banter as they're lightly battling atop the Clock Tower, and then Ock grabs Spidey's hands with his tentacles," a source for Superhero Hype wrote. "Spidey gets quite a few good hits in (thanks to some good cg,) and Ock retaliates well. Ock then grabs Spidey in the air, and attempts to throw him, but Spidey hangs around for one good punch... then he falls.

"Before throwing a web-line to save himself, he throws a few good web-shots that smack Doc Ock in the face a few times before finally web-slinging back up to the top. The clip ended with Spidey diving in the air towards Doctor Octopus, and Ock turning in utter shock!"

Plus, there may be a Broadway version of Spider-Man, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Julie Taymor (The Lion King) may be put in charge. Yikes! As if Batman on Broadway wasn't bad enough.

Finally, Spider-Man 2 and other Marvel movie projects including Elektra and Iron Man were highlighted at Marvel’s booth at the New York Licensing show. Spider-Man 3 is being marketed as debuting May 4, 2007. Check out these pics.

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