Harry Osborn Actor Talks Spider-Man 2

The actor who plays the boy millionaire with a grudge against Spidey talks about his role in the sequel.
Warning: Spoilers

James Franco reprises his role as Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 2 and talked with Superhero Hype about coming back to the character who hates Spidey while being Peter Parker’s best friend.

Regarding working with director Sam Raimi and stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst: "There was a great rapport. You know, there's a thing about movies. Sometimes it feels like, related to baseball or sports, it's kinda like an All-Star Game in a way that you have a bunch of players that are good, but they haven't really come together and worked as a team," Franco said.

"I have a little theater group that I belong to who are really used to working with each other, and there's something to that. There was a bit of that coming back," he said. "I think it only adds that if Peter is supposed to be my friend of many years, it helps that I know Tobey a bit. And just a great rapport with Sam, just a higher level of comfort and being able to work with him with more ease."

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Meanwhile, Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave the film two thumbs' up. Click here to hear their review. Warning, some spoilers may come out.

And, the new TV spot is described as follows: "It started out with a couple scenes we have already seen but then a really pumping song came on and it showed Ock and Spidey duking it out on the street, then it showed Harry picking up a vial of the same Goblin formula his dad used to become the Green Goblin. It continued on then showed Peter being carried by a bunch of people with his costume torn to shreds and with no mask, and showed the scene in the train when Pete has no mask on either. It ended with a few cool fighting shots of Spidey and Ock in the dock and then the final scene was a large shot of the big web Peter's on and MJ looking up at him."
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