Elektra Set Report Now Online

Would you like to go backstage with hottie Jennifer Garner on the set of Elektra?
MTV paid a backstage visit to Jennifer Garner on the set of Elektra, her Daredevil spin off.

Reportedly, director Rob Bowman won’t have a lot of special effects or Elektra jumping off rooftops. Instead, odd camera angles and a more character-driven story will mark his movie.

"We have our share of blowing things up, I've learned a few new weapons and I'm definitely, definitely fighting. It's not like I'm in a period piece, in a corset, or talking Shakespeare," Garner told MTV. "But it is very much driven by Elektra's darkness and what happens when she comes back to life, and what that second life means: whether it's redemption or whether it's a dark place from which you can't be redeemed. It's very dark and honest."

Bowman will use some of the same lighting techniques he used in his X-Files feature film and the director told MTV he hopes to re-invent the comic book movie. "Because Elektra is a tortured soul, and in the middle of an emotional crisis, I thought this would be the right way to go," he said.

More details are available at MTV Movies.
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