Batman Begins Casting Update, Ra’s Talk, More

There’s more info on the casting of Batman Begins, a talk with Ken Watanabe (Ra’s al Ghul) and trailer news online.
Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai) who plays Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins told Batman on Film Web site he took the part because he liked the movie’s dark tone.
"I chose the part because I liked the script," Watanabe said. "I picked it out immediately.

"I don't really have a strategy, but I do pay attention to the way the script envisages the world and how that view is conveyed through the roles, as well as what the director wants to express," he added. "In Batman Begins I play a villain who has to guide a person who is wavering between good and evil. Exploring the dark side of human nature is something that interests me."

Meanwhile, Linus Roache and Sara Stewart will play Thomas & Martha Wayne, Gus Lewis will be the young Bruce Wayne, and Richard Brake stars as Joe Chill.

Here’s a description of the stage on which they perform: "They've built inside the hangars, several streets of Gotham. They are full of supports. Metal girders everywhere. It reminded me of [The] 'French Connection', there's even apparently a chase underneath the monorail, which could be similar to the one from FC. Everywhere was painted dark green. And the alleyway they are shot in looks the part, dirty and grimy."

Finally, here’s a description of the upcoming trailer: "We see a man slip on a strange looking gas mask. Very German/Nazi WW2 looking for the design of the mask. Probably the Scarecrow. A black screen, Batman standing on top of a building then jumping falling down towards the screen. Flashes of a fast moving train, What looks like a huge black tank and a helicopter and police cars. A few more flashes of some fast paced car action...Bale's eyes appear over the skyline, Which fades into Bale's face in the Batman mask."

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