Raimi Speaks Out on Spider-Man 3

Director Sam Raimi says Spider-Man 2 is a complete movie but he’s still looking forward to Spider-Man 3.
Warning: Spoilers

Spider-Man 2 director Sam Raimi says that after two films, his story arc for the webslinger is complete, but he’s glad he’ll be back for a third film.

"I didn't know that I'd be directing it," he told Superhero Hype. "But it didn't really change anything for me. As far as knowing that there were three parts to this story because one, the Spider-Man comic books have always been in parts. But two, the movie itself seemed complete to me," he said.

"In my mind, I was working on the story and I knew how I wanted it to end," Raimi said. "The story of a life out of balance, first lopsided in one way as he tries to be this responsible young man and then lopsided in another way as he decides the hell with it, I'm living my life, damn anybody else. And then that road leads to such moral decay that he finally has to say to himself I will go back to my lopsided life of being Spider-Man and just down this road of responsibility. Unfortunately it's like a prison sentence to him. What he doesn't know is that by the end of the piece, he learns, through Mary Jane Watson that he cannot go down that road alone."

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