Report: Punisher 2 May Not Happen

One Internet report says The Punisher sequel may never get off the ground.
Moviehole reports a rumor that the sequel to the Thomas Jane/John Travolta actioner The Punisher may never happen.

"The returns have been pretty disappointing. Tom Jane has won raves, so he's going to come out of it all alright and word is, he's already in talks to play another comic book-esque character, but he probably won't be doing the sequel to this," the site says, quoting an inside studio source. "It was supposed to be full-speed ahead on chapter two, but the studio realizes it's not going to make any money so have erased it from the future flatplan. Too much money at stake."

Any sequel that does happen would likely be without Jane and go straight to video.

Meanwhile, The Punisher comes out on DVD Sept. 7. Details are available here.

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