Iron Man Movie Forges Ahead

But will Simon Rex star?
One interesting bit of information that seems to have been buried under an avalanche of publicity for Spider-Man 2 is the progress of the Iron Man movie.

In an interview with, Spider-Man 2 writers Al Gough and Miles Millar reveal the following about their Iron Man script they turned in to New Line Cinema:

MILES MILLAR: A really cool reinvention of the [story]. It’s a very [interesting] character to sort of contemporize but I think we’ve all found a way to do it. It’s a very cool action adventure movie.

AL GOUGH: It’s actually very relevant given today’s times, which is interesting too. I mean, I think that’s the neat thing about comic book heroes. It’s finding their relevance in today’s world, which is something that we try to do with "Smallville" and obviously "Spider-Man" taps into that. We hope "Iron Man" will, as well.

But the intrigue doesn't stop there. Garth Franklin, of, received this bit of info about Scary Movie 3 star Simon Rex that should be taken with a grain of salt:

Rex is meeting with Marvel for "Iron Man" this month. He's been in talks for quite a spell. Reportedly Rex has the look, physique and chops that they want for the role. They seem to keep coming back to him apparently, so don't be surprised if he gets the nod.

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