Hellboy’s Del Toro on DVD, Sequel

Guillermo Del Toro is talking about the upcoming Director’s Cut DVD of Hellboy and the sequel.
Hellboy director Guillermo Del Toro says the director’s cut of his film will air theatrically in France although he had hoped it would be shown in all of Europe and Japan.

Writing on his official message board, Del Toro said the DVD of the Director’s cut "Comes out in November (3 discs) all the same extras (minus commentary track original) but with an extra disc full of features. The special box edition will have a SIDESHOW HELLBOY mini-bust. This disc has my preferred cut (15 extra minutes but they go a long way in terms of story and character) and a new commentary track that I feel very happy with."

Regarding the planned Hellboy sequel, he said: "More on this later, but lemme say this: The storyline for it has been approved by Revolution and we are now clear to start the script."
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