Why Catwoman Dumped Batman

Catwoman owes her popularity to the Batman film franchise. So why are there no props given to the Big Bad Bat in Halle Berry’s new flick?
Fans of the Batman franchise might wonder why Halle Berry’s new Catwoman movie has so little to do with the Dark Knight.

"There's no reference to Batman in the final film," producer Denise Di Novi told IGN Filmforce. "I think part of it is that Chris Nolan is shooting Batman right now. He's in the market place, he's in the world actively. There were comics, there were stories about Catwoman that did not involve Batman. There were some where they intersected, there were some where they didn't. We felt that as I said earlier, she deserved a story where she just stood on her own terms."

What about in a sequel? Is there any chance of recognizable characters from the comics showing up? "I would love suggestions, because so many have been used already or they don't really make sense for Catwoman. So, I'm actually in the process of researching that. If anybody has an idea, I would love to hear it."
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