Jessica Biel Sweats Out Blade Trinity

Read how hard hottie Jessica Biel worked while in the role of Abigail Whistler in the upcoming Blade 3.
Jessica Biel said playing vampire-hunter Abigail Whistler in Blade Trinity involved intense training.

"Two months of weightlifting and martial arts training and just keeping it up every day," Biel told Access Hollywood. She plays the daughter of Blade’s friend murdered in the first film.

"She has an interesting connection with this whole vampire world," Biel said. "Her entire family, with the exception of the father, has been killed by the vampires." (Actually, Whistler was killed by vampires, Jessica).

Regarding Ryan Reynolds, who plays Hannibal King, "We have a great relationship. He definitely feels like a brother to me. We just get along really well."

There’s more pics of Biel, Wesley Snipes and Reynolds here.
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