Lance Henriksen Talks Aliens vs. Predator

As Bishop, he got ripped in two by the Queen Mother of Aliens, but kept fighting. But in Aliens vs. Predator, Lance Henriksen plays a very mortal man.
Veteran genre film actor Lance Henriksen is talking about his Aliens vs. Predator role as Charles Bishop Weyland, the driving force behind the plot of the Aliens movies.

During a recent publicity tour, Henriksen answered fans’ questions about his character: "In a sense, this is a prequel to Alien and Aliens and all of that. My name in the movie is Charles Bishop Weyland. This time, I'm playing a billionaire who is dying. And he decides to have one last hurrah in his life and do something that is worthwhile.

"So his satellite discovers a pyramid under the ice on an island, and I get this group together to check it out because I want to be remembered for something besides money. And we get there, and it's like stepping into the mouth of a crocodile without knowing it. That's where it begins, that's where it starts."

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