1st Shot of Elektra in Red

Jennifer Garner in the red Elektra outfit will get your temperature rising.
You can catch a pre-publicity shot of Jennifer Garner in the red outfit Elektra sports in the comics; a preview of her upcoming solo movie spinning off from Daredevil.

"People were definitely bummed about the black outfit," Garner told MTV's Total Request Live. "They felt like she should be in red. This time, she's in the traditional red. I've got more on than that one piece of fabric because we didn't know how to do that and prevent it from being an X-rated movie.

"We have our share of blowing things up and fights and action sequences," Garner said. "I've learned a few new weapons and I'm definitely fighting."

Director Rob Bowman adds: "She begins the movie in a very in a very tumultuous state and is sort of accidentally looking for something within her own self."

"It is very much driven by Elektra's darkness and by the change in her life that happens from when she is killed and comes back to life, and what your second life means to you," Garner said.

How about Elektra 2? "I would play her any day of the week and twice on Sundays," Garner said. "Hopefully, this goes OK and we can see what happens next."

For a bigger shot, click here.
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