Film’s Mr. Fantastic Talks Costume, Plot

Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards (actor Ioan Gruffud) is revealing a bit about the film’s plot and costumes.
Ioan Gruffud (Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movie) hasn’t seen the script yet but told Empire Online: "There's quite a bit of comedy in this and there's that romance between Reed and Sue Storm (played by Jessica Alba). And there are four of us, so we're all relying on each other. I have no idea where the script is going to go, but there's certainly plenty of action and us getting a chance to use our superpowers. It's going to be interesting because there are so many fans out there of the original and what they do and I hope they try to remain true to the comic."

As for the costumes: "Yes, it's going to be a traditional, Spandex, blue Lycra suit with black leather boots. So I'm looking forward to that," laughs Gruffudd, adding "I think the idea will be that once they're exposed to the radiation up in space that turns them into the Fantastic Four, as a result of that I'll start to have the greying hair. But I think it'll be subtler than it is in the comic books. More dignified, like George Clooney!"

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Meanwhile, Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad added: "It's funny, high adventure," confirming talk that the Tim Story-directed movie will be primarily a comedy. "But you are going to tear up too. It's a bittersweet comedy."

Also, "Dr. Doom is going to be amazing," said Arad. And comic relief? (H.E.R.B.I.E.)? "No, serious. Human, and serious. It works!"
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