Will X3 Feature Danger Room?

Production designer Guy Dyas is hinting a bit about the Danger Room in X-Men 3.
The Danger Room is the multi-threat level training room for the X-Men and fans hope it'll be featured in the upcoming third film. Much of the production work was done for X2.

"I had just completed a very unique design for it, which was going to allow Bryan to do all sorts of crazy things with the action, stunts and visual effects," production designer Guy Dyas told X3Movie.net. "A friend of mind had introduced me to [comic artist] Adam Kubert a few months earlier and together we storyboarded this incredible sequence. We were going to be able to watch Wolverine training in the Danger Room and it was going to blow people's minds away in X2! The set was half built and Hugh Jackman was trained and ready to go when production simply ran out of time."
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