Batman Begins Teaser Details, More Batmobile Pics

Read a description of the first Batman Begins teaser trailer and see more shots of the Batmobile here.
A teaser trailer for Batman Begins may debut at Comic-Con or the Aug. 13 Aliens vs. Predator premiere and Ain't It Cool News has the description of how it would look, based on an insider source.

Here's how it's described:
  • "They told me there was nothing out there"
    A low angle shot tracking in front of a bleak rain-swept Wayne Manor. It appears to be a wake. A few people mill about with black umbrellas.
  • "they told me there was nothing to fear"
    Shot of Alfred (Michael Caine) with an umbrella, standing in the rain with a young Bruce next to him.
  • Low angle shot looking up from the bottom of a well
    - A silhouetted young boy falls through the boarded up opening, he drops down towards the camera, debris flying about him.
  • back to close up of small boy in the rain next to Alfred.
    "but the night my parents were murdered I caught a glimpse of something..."
  • flash cut to a terrified young Bruce cowering in terror, he is partially splattered in blood..
  • "....I've looked for it ever since" - an adult Bruce walks slowly along a rainy dock looking out over the ocean. Fades out.
  • shot of a rugged Iceland mountain range.
  • Bruce's lonely figure climbs to the top of a snowy mountain range and begins to walk down the other side towards a lonely settlement.
  • "I went around the world....searched in all the shadows"
    In the barren, icy tundra Bruce enters what looks like a Tibetan village, it's desolate, run down, dilapidated...
  • "and there is something out there in the darkness".
    In a blizzard, Bruce climbs a stone stairway to a hilltop monastery.
  • "something terrifying..."
    Bruce enters the monastery in a shot similar to Aragorn entering King Theodan's keep at Helm's deep in The Two Towers - pushing two massive doors open, light shafts in etc...
  • "...that will not stop until it gets revenge"
    A feral looking Bruce sits in a dungeon like room, he's disheveled, dirty.
    A shadowy figure moves towards him - we do not see it's face - Bruce's head snaps around to see the assailant - the music climaxes - cut to black -there is a long pause...
  • shot of Christian Bale's face , he says: "me"
    There is a flash frame of the picture we've already seen - a brooding, costumed Batman in dramatic lighting -cuts to black - out of the blackness comes the rust colored, revamped bat logo - no title - it says "summer 2005'"

Meanwhile, new shots of the Batmobile on the set can be found here.
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