Mixed Blade: Trinity Reviews Online

Screeners of Blade: Trinity are now popping up and the verdict is eh, so so.
Warning: Spoilers

Early reviews of Blade: Trinity have been posted on Ain’t It Cool News and the results are mixed.

While one reviewer praised the action (which reportedly excels to the detriment of plot), two others were disappointed. Here’s one comment: "The movie is full of contradictions like the two above that just weaken the characters."

Also, "there's the ‘new’ crew that joins Blade. The main guy [Hannibal King played by Ryan Reynolds] is cool, has an interesting story that could have been developed (used to be a vampire, turned back, now hunts them) but was played mostly for comedy which kills the pace, especially in an interrogation scene that just pulls you out of the film completely.

"Whistler's daughter [played by Jessica Biel] is nice to look at, even referred to as ‘hottie’ by one of the other crew, but shooting arrows at 300fps (paintball gun speeds! ooh!) and taking long ponderous showers to wash off blood doesn't make for character building. She doesn't even mourn the loss of her father... but man, does she love iTunes."

Blade: Trinity debuts Dec. 10 in the U.S.
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