Fantastic Four Won't be a Farce: Arad

Marvel Studios Exec Avi Arad wants fans to know that the FF film will be not be primarily a comedy.
Despite being directed by Barbershop's Tim Story and having comic elements in it, the Fantastic Four movie is being planned as a comedy, according to Marvel Studios exec Avi Arad.

Arad sought to assure nervous fans at Comic-Con this past week that the film will have a "proper tone" and that Story has been an FF fan all his life, according to Ain't It Cool News.

Other tidbits about the film:
  • Actor Michael Chiklis (The Thing) was on hand to say "It's Clobberin' Time!" several times with a Ben Grimm action figure in hand.
  • Story insisted Dr. Doom will be Victor Von Doom (not Victor Von Damme as suggested by earlier versions of the script).
  • Doom's actor will be revealed in a week and has a "wild accent."
  • Latveria, Doom's tiny kingdom, will be a small part of the script.
  • Brunette Jessica Alba will be blonde as Sue Storm/the Invisible Gilr.

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