Biel, Reynolds Preview Blade Trinity

Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds previewed the third Blade film for Comic-Con attendees.
Warning: Spoilers

Here's highlights from the Q&A and preview clip of Blade Trinity shown at Comic-Con and hosted by co-stars Jessica Biel (Abigail Whistler) and Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King).

Writer/director David Goyer joined the pair on stage. The clip highlights are as follows, according to Ain't It Cool News:
  • "Biel is walking down a
    deserted subway/train yard type area with a baby in her arms and she's jumped by three vampire punks. She gets beaten to the ground and her baby taken from her. One vampire is about to rape her while the other is undoing the baby from the bundle to find a plastic baby with a crying voice box and the words: F*** YOU written on its chest. It sprays holy water out, burning the vamp's face," the scooper wrote.
  • "Biel jumps into action, putting the beat down on these punks. She has the knife-toe thing going on and uses that to good effect and whips out her bad-ass looking bow to take out the last ones," the source told Ain't It Cool News.
  • "The second clip they showed was of Ryan Reynolds captured by a few vampires... chained to the floor with Triple H
    talking s*** down at him. But before all that he's unconscious on the floor being nuzzled by a little fluffy rat dog. He pushes it away and all of a sudden the dog's mouth opens up like a Reaper's mouth in Blade 2. 'A g****** vampire Pomeranian?' It really came off as pretty funny," the source said.
  • "The cast talked about the possibility of a Night Stalkers spinoff with Biel and Reynolds if Blade 3 does well," the source said.

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