Pics of Ken Watanabe as Batman's Ra's al Ghul

Check out this pic of Ken Watanabe as Ra's al Ghul in the upcoming Batman Begins. Plus, set reports from Chicago.
Ken Watanabe (who starred opposite Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai) is pictured as Ra's al Ghul, the international terrorist who lives the life of an immortal, in Batman Begins.

For more on Watanabe's role, click here, although you'll need translating software.

Meanwhile, filming on the movie has begun in Chicago with a thrilling car chase involving the Batmobile and Gotham City police cars.

"The scene was a bunch of regular cars driving eastbound on Jackson Blvd. until they reach a red light at Clark St. Coming up behind them is the Batmobile being chased by two Gotham cop cars," said a Superhero Hype source about last weekend's filming.

"Seeing that there's nowhere to go, the Batmobile flies up on the sidewalk, crashes through a bike rack, a couple of newspaper vending machines, then a fake bus stop canopy & then onto Clark St. going southbound. Both cop cars follow it, but one crashes."

For photos of the filming, click here and here (for a video clip).
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