Brittany Chats, Jessica Strips For Sin City

The new word about Brittany Murphy and Jessica Alba and their roles in Sin City.
Brittany Murphy is talking about her role in the upcoming Sin City (adapted from Frank Miller's comic series).

Murphy will play Shellie in all three vignettes that make up the Robert Rodriguez film. "There's always got to be a local watering hole, and she's the waitress at the local watering hole," Murphy told Sci Fi Wire. "It's written in a wonderful Howard Hawks sort of noir-esque manner, so that many decades sort of mix together. It's shot in black and white, with some splashes of color. There's a lot of green-screen work that we did. I was in a scene with Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke, and I've never met Bruce Willis in my life. I did it on a green scene! But I worked with Benicio Del Toro, who's playing Jackie Boy, and Clive Owen's playing Dwight. I worked with both of them."

Also, a teaser poster of Jessica Alba as a stripper in the film appeared in this week's Entertainment Weekly. Check it out!
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