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Quite a nice update here related to The Hulk movie. We'll kick it off with a great bit from 'MWOF' on a new preview of the game...
MWOF here, I just received my new issue of Game Informer magazine and it has a preview of the upcoming Hulk game with 2 new pix, attached to this email [click here to view]. The text reads as follows:

The video game adaptation of The Hulk is currently slated to ship a few weeks before the motion picture arrives in theaters, which is quite odd since the events in the game actually take place one year after the ending of the film.

The story is a gripping one that sees a troubled Bruce Banner coming to terms withhis menacing alter ego. In a startling turn of events, Bruce is betrayed by a longtime colleague, and forced to release the essence of the Hulk into the...well, we don't want to ruin the surprise for you. Just know that there is a very interesting fate in store for our big green hero.

As it turns out, The Leader, a familiar gamma villian from the comic series, is somehow tied to the events at hand and is intent on world domination. He's even asssembled an army of gamma creatures to secure his place at the top of the food chain. To combat this force, players will be asked to play the game in two distinct ways. You'll need to use the brawn and rage of the Hulk, as well as the brains and sneaking abilities of Bruce Banner.

The action unfolds through 30 different stages- some of which are taken straight from the movie. Since the Hulk can plow through concrete, everything in the environments is destructable- buildings, signs, trucks, floors, and whatever else you wrap your green mitts around. The Hulk can tap into 25 different attacks, including the Gamma Slam and Sonic Clap.

Universal has even secured the voice talent of film cast members, including the main man himself, Eric Bana. As one would hope, the primary focus of this game is nonstop carnage. We can't wait to see how it shapes up in the end.
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