Backing Out Black From Green Lantern

After fans got upset by news that Warner Bros. was pursuing Jack Black to be Green Lantern in the Emerald Gladiator's big screen debut, comes word that it may not be necessarily so.
Entertainment Weekly (in an article about how its parent company Time-Warner is trying to make better superhero films out of its properties) says the talk about Jack Black playing the Green Lantern on the big screen is a bit premature. Black told EW that he was approached about many film deals from Warner Bros., among them Green Lantern but that nothing has been signed. "I took a meeting with someone who has the rights, but there's no script," Black said. "I'd be interested if there was a really good writer attached, but it's far from a [done deal]."

After Catwoman's disappointing box office and critical failure, Warner Bros. is being cautious. The article described how DC Comics is married to a Warner Bros. first right of refusal for films based on its characters and the studio, up until recently, lacked a go-between like Marvel CEO Avi Arad who stood up for the integrity of the super-heroes.

The Black/Green Lantern rumor first surfaced on Ain't It Cool News and was sourced to a studio insider. Now, AICN is saying it was a Warner Bros. trial balloon and "the overwhelming response here and across the entire Internet was a fairly strong indication that they misjudged you guys, and the message has gotten through loud and clear."
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