Bruce Davison Talks X-Men 3

Who will play Storm in the third film?
The actor playing Sen. Kelly (or more accurately now Mystique as Kelly), says he doesn't know a lot about X-Men 3. Bruce Davison told the Sun Times, "I don't know what the story is with the third film. I had lunch with ['X-Men' director] Bryan Singer in Vancouver recently and he seems pretty busy. I know he wants to make 'Logan's Run' and he's directing 'Superman' now. I know they're trying to put a script together for 'X-Men 3,' but no one knows how the story is going to evolve."

Davison does know there's talk that Halle Berry (perhaps stung by Catwoman's disappointing box office), won't be coming back as Storm. Berry has complained previously that her parts in the ensemble cast film weren't big enough. "I guess I could play Storm if all else fails," he said. "I'd just have to get a wig."
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