Fantastic Four Script Review Online

How will moviemakers treat Dr. Doom? The Thing? Mr. Fantastic? Check out this script review.
Warning: Spoilers

A script review of the Fantastic Four movie is now online that reveals how the characters get their powers and how they first come into conflict with Victor Von Doom (and yes, it has changed back from Victor Van Dahm).

Mark Frost's screenplay is highlighted here and is mostly favorable, although full of spoilers.

Here's an excerpt: "This is a more intimate origin story than, say, X-Men. Juggling multiple characters with personalities this strong can be tricky, especially when you’re also trying to build a world-threatening scenario to challenge them. The solution they’ve come up with here is to tie in the film’s primary threat to the origin of the FF, and the way they’ve done it might work for mainstream audiences even as it makes the most ardent purist fanboys absolutely bugs***."

The Tim Story-directed film debuts next 4th of July weekend.
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