More FF Pics; The Thing Talks

There's more set pics from the Fantastic Four film online plus word from actor Michael Chiklis on what it's like to be orange and lumpy.
Actor Michael Chiklis, who plays Ben Grimm/The Thing in the Fantastic Four film, says the suit he wears is very uncomfortable but it beats having the movie feature a CGI Thing.

"I felt that I would be wasted," he told Comics Continuum. "I was assured from the get-go that that wasn't going to be the case, and I was thrilled. They would use some CGI enhancements in creating nuances.

"For an actor, it's a thrill to be involved in this type of thing. I've not done really anything of this scale. Everything I've done has been about the acting work, about character development, about people interacting. This is still very much like that, but with a huge scale of technical support around it."

The 41-year-old actor said he's been "training like a freak" for the role. "I needed to trim down at the waist and bulk up at the chest. I'm hitting it big time," he told Comics Continuum.

Meanwhile, there's more shots of Chiklis and Kerry Washington (as his girlfriend -- not Alicia) online here. It also shows the Brooklyn Bridge set built in North Vancouver.
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