Selma Blair Even Sexier in Hellboy 2

The second Hellboy film will be a bit delayed but there's good news...
Shooting of Hellboy 2 is likely to be on hold while director Guillermo del Toro does another project, Selma Blair (Liz Sherman) told Sci Fi Wire.

"I don't start that for probably a year and a half," Blair said. "Guillermo is working on something else, so I'll probably have to wait. I talked to Guillermo last week when I was in Europe with him. He's sworn me to secrecy, but it's so good, and I'm so excited."

Look for Liz to come out from under her dark, heavy clothes in Hellboy 2. "We kind of came together with what I wanted [on the first film]," Blair said. "I want more control and for Liz to be sexier for the second one, and I hope the wardrobe will reflect that, because she's no longer a shrinking violet."

Blair said she'd be up for a Hellboy 3, too.

Meanwhile, the director's cut of the first film will restore a deleted scene starring Blair, she told Sci Fi Wire. "I think it's just the scenes cut out," Blair said. "I have a lot of scenes with Agent John Myers that got cut out, because there was more of a love triangle, and they're showing the first scene that I shot in the movie."

The restored scenes will help patch a bit of a transition hole in the first cut, she said. "I'm so mortified," Blair said. "I'm playing this tortured, somber, monotone girl who doesn't have a zest for life yet, and the first scene we shot, we're leaving the mental hospital I just blew up. For some reason it didn't occur to me that was where I came from, and I'm in this taxicab with agent John Myers [Rupert Evans] taking pictures, smiling and flirting.

"We shot the rest of the movie, and Guillermo was like, 'What were we thinking?'" Blair said. "You realize I'm not quite Nicole Kidman yet when you see that scene, because it just makes no sense. I completely forgot when we were shooting it that I had just blown up a building, and I had this big beret on my head. They used one shot of that outside the taxi, and I'm smiling, and [Guillermo] said it looks like Jiffy Pop on my head. I'm completely out of character."

Look for Hellboy: The Director's Cut Oct. 19.

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