Alicia Cast in Fantastic Four Movie

Kerry Washington, the actress playing Ray Charles' wife in the upcoming biopic "Ray" has confirmed that she's signed on to play Ben Grimm's love interest in the Fantastic Four movie.
The lovely, talented Kerry Washington is about to get a lot of attention for her portrayal of Ray Charles' wife Della in the upcoming Taylor Hackford biopic "Ray," but a few weeks ago, Ms. Washington signed on for Tim ("Barbershop") Story's big screen adaptation of the Fantastic Four comic book. Up until now, it's been a bit of a mystery about what part she may play, but she talked to Superhero Hype! while in New York promoting "Ray" confirming that she will indeed be playing Alicia Masters.

"For those of you who are not fans, she is the blind girl that is in love with The Thing, which is really exciting for me, because it's not a character that's black," she told us. "In the comic book, historically, she's always been blonde haired and blue eyed, and the studio was really willing to go with us on this one. I'm really excited to be doing it, and I've signed on for the sequels and all that, so it's really exciting."

Audiences are sure to enjoy the romantic scenes between Ms. Washington and Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, but the roles will be reversed when she plays the blind person in what should be some powerful scenes between her and "The Shield's" Michael Chiklis.
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