Why Should Superman be an Unknown?

Director Bryan Singer and the scripters argue that movie goers should see a fresh face in the red and blue tights of the Man of Steel.
Superman director Bryan Singer and screenwriters Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty say they are looking for an unknown actor to play the Man of Steel in the upcoming film.

"We're going to cast an unknown," Singer told Washington Square News. Harris and Dougherty "are in the process of penning the script," he added.

"It doesn't require a star to go see it. It's Superman - it's its own brand," Singer said.

"Known actors bring baggage, in a way," Harris said. "Sort of distracts you from who [Superman] really is."

Shooting is planned for Sydney in March.

Meanwhile, Smallville star Tom Welling says, despite recent rumors, he's sticking to playing the last son of Krypton on TV. "It would be something to consider but I don't even let myself think about it. It's too big an idea," he told the New Zealand Herald.
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