Batman Begins Featured in UK Magazine

New shots of Christian Bale as the Batman in the upcoming film are featured in Empire Magazine.
If you are in the U.K., you may want to pick up the September issue of Empire Magazine before it leaves the stands. Inside are new shots of Batman Begins described as "a massive 2-page picture of the new Batman inside! It was an awesome picture of him falling/descending inside a large building, showcasing an incredible wing/cape span. In the article Christian bale says 'When I play Batman I think of him as a creature'," according to a Superhero Hype source.

Meanwhile, the latest issue of Wizard also features shots from the film. It highlights how audiences reacted to the first showing of a clip from the film at the recent WizardWorld in Chicago: The crowd shrieked at the "first sight of The Scarecrow, and a few actions scenes that had the audience wanting more. It also showed Bruce (Christian Bale) was training fighting Henri Ducard on a sheet of ice. All in all the article was very informing and the audience gave the movie a standing ovation when the scenes were over," according to a Superhero Hype source.
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